Today(9/10) is Suicide Prevention Day, with September being Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

A Northwoods professional says it's a good time to help another to save a life.

We asked Heidi Pritzl, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Ascension-Koller Behavioral Health about what professionals are seeing in the Northwoods... 

"...We have been looking at our local stats and in the Vilas county area where there's a rate of 21.2 percent per 100,000 residents who have completed suicide. That's a high rate compared to the national average..."

Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

A positive report on tourism in the Minocqua area as travelers returned to see the sights, though the trend might be toward shorter-term stays.

Executive Director of the Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce, Krystal Westfahl,  discusses the summer visitors...

Grandparents Day was yesterday and while families salute the contributions of family elders, scammers are back to prey on older citizens.

Michelle Reinen is the state Division of Consumer Protection Director. She tells us about the scam...


Democrat Tony Evers says local citizens must be heard on mining issues, he will stand for the national anthem and also support those NFL players who choose to kneel,and he looks forward to funding education.

Evers and Lt. Governor running mate Mandela Barnes stopped in Rhinelander Friday as part of a campaign swing. Evers says local citizens should be heard on mining in Wisconsin...

  •   A new well is approved in Eagle River to keep the water supply safe from contamination,
  •  A state  tax rebate has proven popular though not all eligibly took part in it,
  •  A former Wisconsin congressman criticizes President Trumps tweets against AG Sessions,
  •  While America is more diverse, its newsrooms are not.

Mackenzie Martin

Northern Wisconsin is full of many different types of wild mushrooms in September. Some edible, some poisonous, and everything in between. How to tell the differences between them is in the details.

Mackenzie Martin went into the woods to learn more.

We’re looking for mushrooms in the forest at Kemp Natural Resources Station in Woodruff and someone just found chaga. It’s a type of mushroom that you can make tea out of. It typically grows on birch trees.

Loss Of Diversity During Recession Changed U.S. Newsrooms

Sep 7, 2018

The story of America is becoming increasingly more diverse, but the same can't be said for America's storytellers.

While the population of the United States is nearly 40 percent nonwhite and growing, 83 percent of journalists working in U.S. newsrooms are white. To be fair, newsrooms were getting much more diverse until about 2008, when the economy crashed, forcing massive layoffs. That meant the last journalists hired were the first to go, including many minorities.

Grant And Loan To Build A Well To Protect ER Water

Sep 7, 2018

A special meeting of the Eagle River city council and light & water commission last Tuesday approved on a 4-2 vote accepting a USDA loan and grant totalling $2,492,000 to implement Well #4 as a safety measure in case of a catastrophic contamination of existing wells.

A brief incident recently involving a Rhinelander student on the cross country team has led to a change in how teams work out.

According to a press release from Activities Director Brian Paulson released to WJFW TV, a runner was out on a four to six mile practice run when a man driving a truck with a camper stopped across the road and asked the female runner if she wanted a ride. She said no, and continued on. Nothing else happened. Paulsen says two others nearby did not see the incident.

Wis. Senate Leader Criticizes Lincoln Hills Response

Sep 6, 2018
Wisconsin Department of Corrections

(Madison, WI) -- The Republican leader of the state Senate is blaming Governor Scott Walker's administration for not addressing problems at the youth prison.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Wednesday that Walker should have addressed the "mess" at Lincoln Hills teen facility.

A Racine judge sent Walker a letter in February after a young inmate was sexually assaulted by his roommate and knocked out, saying workers responded with indifference

. Walker aides say an adviser received the letter but didn't pass it on to the governor.


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