Annual Ced Vig Holiday Book Fund Helps Rhinelander District Library

Dec 6, 2018

Rhinelander District Library
Credit Rhinelander District Library

The late Ced Vig was a long time Rhinelander area educator, conservationist and author and a local library is hoping you step forward and help with a fund drive in his name.

Carla Chropkowski is President of the Rhinelander District Library Foundation.

She says for more than 30 years they have held a holiday book fund that was started by Ced Vig with the purpose to buy books and materials for the library...

"...Money that's donated goes to the library and there's a book plate that's placed in the books that we purchase with that money. It's given to the library crediting the Holiday Book Fund as the venue of money that we bought the book with...."

The drive is for new hardcover books, childrens and adult books. Chropkowski says they hope to raise $15,000 this year.

Chropkowski says the money comes from a variety of sources...

"...The money comes from local businesses, it comes from patrons, it comes from people who grew up here and used the library and who have moved to other parts of the country. We have people who have moved away from here. We have children and grandchildren of local residents who may not even live in this area but still contribute because they knew how important it was for their parents or grandparents...."

She says the Foundation has sent out a letter to previous contributors and has more information if you wish to contribute there's a website at