Another Aquatic Invasive Pulled From Forest County Lake

Sep 7, 2013

Add Yellow Floating Heart to the growing list of aquatic invasive species in the Northwoods.

Recently a group pulled the lily-pad-like invasive from Gordon Lake in Forest county.

Oneida County Aquatic Invasive Species coordinator Michele Sadauskas

Yellow Floating Heart

says like many invasives, the plant is a fast-grower....

" looks a lot like our lily species, what we call our lily pads, though it will quickly cover the surface with lily-type pads on the surface and then it has this massive root system and these rhizomes that spread throughout the lake bottom. It's going to block out sunlight, it's going to force out our natives..."

She says it most likely was introduced to the Northwoods from an aquarium.

She says if you see something that looks suspicious contact UW-Extension at the Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport. She says they are always happy to take calls and to examine the plants. She says often they're native plants, but many times they aren't.