Area Schools Part Of School Security Funding

Jul 11, 2018

Rep. Rob Swearingen(R-Rhinelander)

Attorney General Brad Schimel this week announced 40 more schools in Wisconsin will be getting funding for upgraded school security.

State Representative Rob Swearingen of Rhinelander says this is part of an overall package to upgrade security after many school shootings across the nation...

"....We allocated $100 million in grant funding to be distributed by the Department of Justice and they released more of that grant money to recipients. I'm glad to say Rhinelander, Minocqua J 1, Northland Pines, Three Lakes and Phelps all qualified for grant funding for school safety, so it's good stuff....."

Rhinelander received : $119,000, Minocqua J1: $60,000, Northland Pines : $132,000, Three Lakes 86,000, and Phelps School District $23,000. Swearingen outlines how the money will be used....

"...we're talking about new locks, shatter-resistant film for glass, windows and doors, Things like security cameras, secure entry ways, as well as more training and more policies to ensure that schools are much safer. This is a win-win. Obviously everybody is on the same page as far as our students. School safety should be our number one priority...."

Goodman-Armstrong Creek also received $40,000.