Assembly Budget Has Sharply Different Viewpoints

Jun 20, 2013

Rep. Rob Swearingen(R)-Rhinelander
Credit Wisconsin legislature

Republicans were pleased, Democrats disguted as the Wisconsin Assembly passed the bi-ennial state budget on Wednesday. Two freshmen legislators had vastly different views.

34th District Republican Rob Swearingen of Rhinelander was surprised that minority Democrats pulled more than 200 amendments to the document that governs state spending for two years...

"....I've been told by some veterans(legislators) that budgets typically don't get passed this fast. The an unusual move...withdrew all their vote) went very quickly..."

But he said he felt there were good things in the budget for the north, including broadband funding, more money for Nicolet College and more than a million dollars for snowmobile trails.

Rep. Mandy Wright(D)-Wausau
Credit Wisconsin legislature

85th Assembly District Democrat Mandy Wright from Wausau had a much different view. The Democrats were disgusted the Republicans refused to fully consider their amendments..

"....this bill is not amendable. This bill has so many problems and is so unacceptable to the middle class that we strongly, strongly rejected this budget...."

Among the problems...Wright the voucher program which establishes two tiers of publically-funded education, which Democrats feel is unsustainable. She says contrary to what Republicans say, it will actually raise property taxes. She says it is very anti-middle class.