Clamping Down on Drunk Driving

Aug 5, 2013

Local law enforcement agencies will be cracking down on drunk driving.  It’s Wisconsin’s annual “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign, running for two and a half weeks between August 16th and September 2nd.  

Wisconsin has a goal of zero preventable traffic deaths, such as those from alcohol-related crashes.
Credit Robert Lachenman / Works Progress Administration, 1936

Lieutenant Dave Jaeger of the Minocqua Police Department says officers will be extra vigilant during this time.

“They’ll be doing more traffic enforcement.  You know, you keep a closer eye.  And you’re out there conducting more traffic contacts in an effort to eliminate or at least cut back on people making the wrong decision.”

Jaeger says summer tends to bring an upswing in drunk driving incidents, in part because of an increase of visitors.  He notes penalties can include stiff fines or jail time, but he says incidents can be prevented. 

“There are certain things that citizens can also do as well to help prevent drunk driving.  And that would be to designate a sober driAAver or find an alternative way home.”

Alcohol-related traffic crashes killed over 220 people in Wisconsin last year, and there were 27,000 drunk driving convictions.  The state of Wisconsin has created a free “Drive Sober” app for mobile phones that helps intoxicated people find rides or designated drivers.