Complaint Filed Against Sheriff Candidate By OC Supervisor

Aug 9, 2018

Oneida County Courthouse
Credit Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

An Oneida County Board Supervisor has filed a complaint alleging sheriff candidate and county medical examiner Larry Mathein with campaigning during work time inside the Oneida County courthouse.

Supervisor Jack Sorenson's complaint alleges Mathein was campaigning at the courthouse on taxpayer's expense.

Mathein told the Northwoods River News and Lakeland Times he took paid time off for a meeting of the Oneida County Public Safety Association. He says no county staff attended and no political activity happened. Mathein responded to an email request for comment by saying he had nothing further to say so as not to enflame the situation while the investigation is going on.

Sorenson reported he saw a sign on a committee room he says was a Mathein for Sheriff sign. He also alleges Mathein paid for the food and beverages.

Corporation Counsel Brian Desmond confirmed a complaint had been filed and the matter was referred to the county Labor Relations and Employee Services.

The state Elections Commission referred WXPR to the state Ethics Commission whose attorney said they don't comment on investigations.