Council Takes No Action On Rhinelander Committee Change

Jul 10, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

Nothing has changed within the committee structure of the Rhinelander city council and it might be delayed for awhile.

A recent dust up happened when Mayor Chris Frederickson proposed making the finance committee a committee of the whole, meaning the full council would be official voting members at each finance meeting. Frederickson said the idea was to give the full council all the information the finance committee has. The current structure has five of the eight council members already on the committee. Opponents argued a majority of the council already is on the committee and any council member has access to the financial figures.

Current council rules have no provision for a meeting of the whole. Monday, council member Sherrie Belliveau reported her unofficial calculations found the additional meetings with the full council would cost more...

"....that would be an impact to the budget of $11,300 annually if we were paid at the council rate. I base that on the 12 regular meetings and assuming we have 10 additional meetings for budgets. That would be escalated higher during years we have union negotiations..."

The matter was on the agenda for discussion only and no action was taken. The discussion ended with a few council members wanting the matter to be put on hold until after the hiring of a city administrator.

The council is holding a second round of city administrator interviews on July 20. The names of the finalists will be released later.