Mar 20, 2017

Decisions, decisions… We make hundreds of them every day. The more reasonable we can be, the better our decision, right?

In this month’s installment of BrainWaves, Molly Rose Teuke decides to explore that very question.

Her conclusion might surprise you: Don’t be too quick to discount your intuition.

Molly Rose Teuke is happy she can make a real job out of her abiding curiosity about how our brains work. She is a certified brain-based coach and trainer helping people master the art and science of personal change.

BrainWaves is written by Molly Rose Teuke and produced by Mackenzie Martin.

Resources for this episode:

  • Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain ©2005 Antonio Damasio
  • How We Decide ©2009 Jonah Lehrer
  • Your Brain at Work ©2009 David Rock