Eight Tons Of Trash Dumped By Violators Picked Up In National Forest

Aug 8, 2018

More than 8 TONS of trash were recently picked up in a portion of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

This trash is human made and is illegal. Evan Miller is acting District Ranger at the Eagle River-Florence office. What did Forest staff find?

"....last week we picked up a variety of things...tires, a row boat, couches, televisions anything people don't want to dispose of in an appropriate manner...."

The trash pickup happened between Eagle River, Florence, the border with Michigan over toward Hiles and Laona.

Miller says staff brings the refuse back to their office and disposes of what they can at the county landfill, but some items like TV's and appliances need to go to a recycling center...l

"...There is cost involved. It results in us not being able to work on the ground with that money. It turns into us having to pay for trash disposal..."

Miller says fines of $250 are levied on violators plus the cost of the cleanup, which might include hazardous waste cleanup costs. Miller says if anyone knows of illegal dumping they can stop at any of the nine district offices or call the supervisory office in Rhinelander. He says if you see Forest service staff you can also talk to them. We have pictures of the trash  above by clicking on 'slide show'.