Ewert Wants Better Healthcare, Immigration Policy, and Tariff Resolution

Jul 5, 2018

Dr. Brian Ewert talking with Ken Krall Thursday
Credit Ewert campaign

A physician running for the Democratic nomination for the 7th Congressional seat says health care and drugs are top issues he's heard.

Brian Ewert has been a doctor for 25 years in central Wisconsin.

During a campaign stop in Rhinelander, Ewert said people are very concerned about healthcare...

 "....Healthcare continues to be a top of mind issue. People continue to be concerned about those who are uninsured and those who are inadequately insured. Just this morning more news about the pharmaceutical industry continuing to raise prices, including life-saving drugs that people don't have the choice to take, and yet the industry is continuing to rip off the public. We clearly need to address the cost of health care and make sure everyone has affordable and universal coverage...."

Ewert says immigration is a hot topic, saying dairy farmers are very concerned about a labor force and he says Congress needs to put in place a sound immigration policy. He also criticized Congress for not taking on tariffs and how it impacts the state...

 "..on the tariff and trade issues, the Constitution in Article 1 sets Congress in charge of international commerce and tariffs. Over the years Congress has chosen to delegate that to the Executive Branch, but clearly it's within the power of Congress to have a say in that. Just this morning. Another article(Wall Street Journal) on how rural America is being hurt by these tariffs. The price of cheese is fallling, the price of soybeans is falling, we know about the Harley-Davidson problem, ginsing is under a tariff. The northern Wisconsin economy is under a threat..."

Ewert and attorney Margaret Engebretson are facing each other in the August 14 Democratic primary. The winner will face incumbent Republican Sean Duffy of Wausau for 7th Congressional district seat which covers much of northern Wisconsin. Ewert and Engebretson will be at the Days Inn in Rhinelander on July 14 at 1:00 p.m. to talk issues with voters.