Good Summer Of Tourism In The Minocqua Area

Sep 10, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

A positive report on tourism in the Minocqua area as travelers returned to see the sights, though the trend might be toward shorter-term stays.

Executive Director of the Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce, Krystal Westfahl,  discusses the summer visitors... 

"....Generally speaking I think visitation to the Northwoods has been as steady as its every been. We had some conflicting reports on how long people were staying, whether is was weekends or long weeks at a time. Generally speaking our retail businesses, our lodging partners, and restaurantuers and everybody in between had a really great season...."

Westfahl says the weather played a factor. After a wet spell in early June, the weather cleared and dried in the Northwoods and people came north. She says they're looking at a reported trend of an uptick in people staying for shorter periods than in past year.

She says the Northwoods is an area this is dependent on great weather...

"...Most of our attractions are outdoors. We're really dependent on having warm summers, crisp falls, and heavy snow winters. We've been blessed these past couple of years with having all of that."

She says spring time was hit-or-miss, but the rest of the time found the weather cooperating for a good tourist season in the Minocqua area.