How to Build Yourself a Better Brain

Jan 16, 2017

It’s that time of year when we’re wondering if we can get our brains in gear to help us keep those new year’s resolutions. In his 2001 classic, A Users Guide to the Brain, neuropsychiatrist Dr. John Ratey wrote, “Our own free will may be the strongest force directing the development of our brains, and therefore our lives.”

In the first episode of our new monthly feature — BrainWaves — WXPR’s classical music host and brain-based coach Molly Rose Teuke says it’s not hard to use your free will to build yourself a better brain.

Molly Rose Teuke isn’t a neuroscientist, but she plays one in her dreams — and she is a certified brain-based coach and trainer helping people master the art and science of personal change. You can find out more about Molly Rose at

BrainWaves is written by Molly Rose Teuke and produced by Mackenzie Martin.

Resources for this episode:

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