Medicare Scam Hits Wisconsin As New Cards Roll Out

Jun 12, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Another scam targeting seniors centers around recent changes in the Medicare card.

The state Director for the Bureau of Consumer Protection, Michelle Reinen says the Medicare system is rolling out new cards. As part of protecting the consumer, Reinen says users will see some significant changes...

  "...these cards will no longer contain your Social Security number. You will receive a replacement card that has a unique 11-digit number. It will have nothing to do with your Social Security card, your gender, your location of living. It will be completely unique..."

But scammers have already found a way to try to trick seniors to giving them personal information or paying for the card that comes from from Medicare. Reinen says the rollout for Wisconsin seniors to get their cards is this month.

But she says you don't have to do anything to qualify after you get the new card...

 " need to do nothing to get your replacement card. You don't need to answer a phone call, fill out a survey, respond to an email or a mailer or a knock on your door. There is nothing you need to verify or confirm should someone call you. And you don't need to pay any fee or small amount of money to get your new card...."

Reinen says the card will arrive through the same method you get Social Security information. Reinen says even though the rollout is just beginning, Consumer Protection is already getting phone calls from people who are getting calls from scammers to verify information or pay a small fee.