Northwoods Libraries Will Be Offered Voter Registration Information

Aug 9, 2018

Credit League of Women Voters of the Northwoods

Voter registration information is coming to a library near you.

The League of Women Voters of the Northwoods announced the Voter Education and Registration Assistance Project.

The project is being offered to libraries in the Northwoods.

League spokesperson Debra Durchslag says a main job of the League is to register voters. She says in the Northwoods the League covers six counties and they work to educate voters.

She says the project has emerged from their work in the past six years...

"...When they are thinking about, 'oh my gosh, when is the next election? Who is on my ballot? I'm just as confused by who is running for what office? How do I find my clerk?' So this project attempts to offer community members another location where they can get this information...."

Durchslag says they are just beginning to offer the information to the libraries in Vilas, Oneida and Lincoln counties. But Durchslag says the libraries are perfect places for this type of information...

"...This project puts in the librarians hands this 70-page resource notebook that gathers together information on basic voter registration information, online voter registration, paper registrations, voting..."

Durchslag says the flip-notebook can sit next to a computer, which will walk voters through registration and the other aspects of casting your ballot. You can contact them at