NRB Approves Changes To Game Farm Fencing, Deer Handling

Aug 9, 2018


The state Natural Resources Board passed an emergency rule this week addressing the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. The new rule impacts how hunters handle their deer kills and how game farms operate.

55 of the state's 72 counties now have special hunting rules because diseased deer were found in or near their counties. The new rules impact deer farms by requiring more fencing. The business must install a second 8-foot-tall fence or a solid barrier that is at least 8 feet if a sick deer has been found on the property.

Hunters will be required to quarter the deer or bone it out before moving it if they shoot the deer in a CWD-affected county.The rule allows portions of the carcass such as the spinal cord to be left on public land where the animal was killed. DNR spokesperson Scott Karel says you also will not be able to move deer from affected areas.. 

"...Having additional carcass parts on the landscape is isn't going to cause more prions on the landscape. What it does do is it prevents someone from taking a deer carcass, throwing it on the back of their car. Driving on Highway 94...bringing it to a brand new county or out of state and introducing those parts that are heavily infected with CWD prions to a brand new area..."

Hunters will also have to process the meat in the county where the deer was taken.

Deputy Administrator at Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission Wayne LaBine of Mole Lake supported the emergency rule...

"...There are 13 white-tail deer facilities that are housing animals infected with CWD and has fencing that allows direct and indirect contact between deer within and outside the fence. Five of these facilities are located within the ceded territories where until recently CWD has not been infected in the wild population and where(state agencies) have not ordered the herd depopulated...."

Wisconsin has 372 licensed deer farms. The Natural Resources Board voted unanimously to approve the rule.