Oneida County Also Wants Division of Forestry

May 17, 2016


Add Oneida County to the list of suitors should the state of Wisconsin decide to move the Division of Forestry to the Northwoods.

The Oneida County Board approved a resolution authorizing a return of information to the state describing county assets for an eventual landing spot.

Forest Director John Bilogan told the Oneida County Board that any landing site in Oneida county would bring 50 higher-paying jobs to the area and have a noticeable economic impact. He says Oneida county has come built in advantages...

"....I personally thought Oneida county is already identified as being the hub of the forest in the northern tier counties...."

Oneida County Economic Development Corporation Director Roger Luce says they want to help the county and local governments in their applications...

"....have a coordinated effort so that. Lets say Minocqua is doing something and Three Lakes is doing something. Certainly those communities need to do their own(proposals) but in a coordinated fashion. We want to make sure that we're addressing all the concerns that need to be addressed...."

The DNR was directed in the last state budget to gather information about moving the Division of Forestry closer to the main forest area in Wisconsin. The Rhinelander City Council recently approved sending in the request for information packet back to the state for consideration. Communities north of Highway 10 were asked to submit information