Only Four Deer Culled From Nuisance Herd In Minocqua

Dec 8, 2017

Credit National Park Service

While 19 managed hunt permits were issued  to harvest a small herd of deer consuming flowers, shrubs and even small trees on the east side of the Island of Minocqua, only four deer have been harvested as of Dec. 5, according to town officials.

Minocqua, with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ blessing, had a total of 30 permits to issue hunters (archery only) to cull the herd of about 30 animals. Residents on that side of town complained that the deer were destroying their cedar and arbor vitae trees, as well as landscape plantings.

The managed hunt area runs from the residential area known as Reuben Town north to Huber Drive. Permits are available from the town office, downtown Minocqua.

Those getting the special permits have to follow all state laws pertaining to hunting deer, including registering the take. For more information, contact the clerk’s office, 715-356-5296.