Red Kettle Campaign Will Still Take Your Donation

Jan 3, 2018

Ken Krall and Kim Swisher
Credit Salvation Army

The Salvation Army's Red Kettle fundraiser raised about $33,000 this holiday season.

Kettle Campaign Coordinator Kim Swisher says while the goal was $40,000, many positives resulted from the campaign...

"....we had a terrific response to bell ringing. We had 453 shifts in total that were available at Shopko, Trig's and Walmart. We filled almost 74 percent of all the slots. That includes 250 individuals, families and organizations who rang the bells at the three locations. That's 9 percent more than last year. Though the dollar amount was down, we've had terrific support from the community...."

Swisher says there's still time for people to donate. She says some local businesses came forward to donate an additional $1,700.

Swisher says the money stays in the community to help people deeply in need...

"...86 cents of every dollar goes for emergency housing, transportation and medical needs. Housing we assist with temporary shelter, emergency utility and rent assistance, transportation can be minor car repairs so people can get to work, and medical assistance frequently helps with life-saving prescriptions...."

Local churches manage the money for those in need. Swisher thanked Shopko, Trig's and Walmart for providing space for bell ringers. If you want more information you should phone: 715-437-0465 or Email: