St. Patricks Day Could Cost You Lots Of Green

Mar 16, 2017


St. Patricks Day could cost you plenty of green if you're caught drunk driving, says a state safety official. He also recommends a new smartphone app to help out.

With St.Patrick's Day landing on a Friday this year, officials anticipate plenty of revelers. Randy Romanski of  the Bureau of Transportation Safety has some advice...

".....never drive impaired. It's perfectly acceptable for people to go out and have a good time, celebrate, but there's a few things they should remember before they go out. 'Designate Before You Celebrate' Choose a sober driver so you can get home(safely), or there's a variety of other things people can do...."

Romanski says if you feel buzzed, you've already had too much to drive safely.

Romanski says smartphone owners can download a free app that will help....

"....this mobile app has a blood alcohol estimator, it has a designated driver selector and a Find A Ride feature that uses your phone's GPS to provide contacts for nearby taxi or other services to get a safe ride home. It's a creative and unique way, anywhere in Wisconsin the GPS on your phone will help you find a ride...."

The app is available at the website zeroinWisconsin. gov

Romanski says another alternative is the Wisconsin Tavern League's Safe Ride Home program which is featured in Oneida and select other Northwoods counties. A patron asks for a voucher to get a free ride home at the establishment. Officials estimate a drunk driving ticket in Wisconsin could cost up to $10,000 when car insurance costs and other factors relating to the arrest are factored in.