Three Lakes Schools Will Build Sign to Get the Word Out

Feb 27, 2014

Three Lakes will soon be home to a new digital message board.  The Three Lakes School District and the Chamber of Commerce are putting up a fourteen-foot sign that will feature community events and announcements. 

School District Administrator George Karling says one of its goals is to get more exposure for Three Lakes Schools.

“We’ve had people move into the outer fringes, and they’ve told us later, we weren’t aware there was a school here.  We thought you went to school in one of the neighboring communities.”

With Three Lakes being a relatively small district at just over 300 square miles, Karling says it’s easy for people to get confused.  He hopes the new sign will boost enrollment numbers and spread the word about school events. 

“If you really think about it, in most other communities, the school district is out on the main highway. So you’ll pass it when you’re traveling through.  We also felt that though some people might know was the school is, they might not see our message if we don’t have a message board out in the community.”

The School District and Chamber of Commerce are hoping to raise enough money to cover the entire 36-thousand dollar cost of the project. 

Crews are scheduled to start putting up the sign Friday, weather permitting.