Volunteer Says Arkansas Tornado "like a bomb went off"

May 14, 2014

Vilonia, Arkansas tornado
Credit Virginia Millwood-commons.wikimedia.org

What she saw in Arkansas was sobering.

American Red Cross Disaster Relief volunteer Carol Miller of Rhinelander has returned home after helping out in the Little Rock area earlier this month. A wave of tornados struck the south in late April, causing massive damage, deaths and injuries. Miller is a registered nurse and helped at hospitals where survivors and families relayed tragic stories...

"....Little Rock north to Conway which is 30 miles north of Little Rock, we were able to see devastation on both sides of the road. By Mayflower, which, ah, you know, it's like a bomb went off. It was hard to describe, just so much destruction...."

Miller says the tornado was on the ground for about 40 miles. She says in Vilonia, Arkansas a new intermediate school was destroyed. She says the Red Cross had a large team assisting the ravaged communities...

"....if they had lost their medications, or maybe their glasses or assistive devices, they were able to replace those through Red Cross donations. They also co-located our logistic teams that provided clean up kits, blankets and flashlights...."

Miller says after working with the hospital team she worked with the condolence team. She says the cleanup north of Little Rock will be going on for a considerable time.