Warden Reminds Anglers To Think Safety First On The Ice

Dec 31, 2015

Credit commons.wikimedia.org

Following the deaths of two men north of Chippewa Falls last weekend, a DNR official is again asking eager ice fishers to wait for the soft water to turn hard.

A man fell through very thin ice on Glen Loch Flowage, a second man tried to rescue him and both drowned.

DNR Conservation Warden Scott Thiede in Eau Claire says ice is never 100 percent safe, especially with this unusually mild early winter weather...

"....this winter is a bit unusual as far as as water and air temperatures.We tend to recommend four inches of new, strong clear ice to support a person..."

Thiede says if you want to operate a snowmobile or ATV on the ice, he says at least five inches is required, and it requires at least 12 to 15 inches of clear ice for a vehicle.  He says you have to have a survival plan when you go out. Thiede says to wear a life jacket or float coat, take along some rope and some grips to help yourself or another person get out of the ice if you fall through...

"....we want to remind them to be safe. Fishing is not worth taking unnecessary risks. Be patient! This is an unusual year so be patient with the formation of ice. Always be ready to go through. But, have fun! Fishing is always a great past time...."

Thiede says you have to remember you are walking on water and that surface can open up