Wisconsin Among States With Most Reported Flu Cases

Jan 3, 2018

Credit pixabay.com

The federal Centers for Disease Control(CDC) has determined Wisconsin is one of 35 states where the flu is now officially considered to be "widespread."

The state of Wisconsin reports 776 patients have had to be hospitalized after contracting the influenza virus this season.

Oneida County Public Health Nurse Jennifer Bates says the weekly state report shows the flu is moving north...

"...when we look at the overall map of the United States we see the map is pretty heavy south of us. Illinois is seeing high levels. When we look at Wisconsin we see moderate levels for the time of year. It's kind of telling us and we're going to be seeing even more and more flu associated illnesses....."

Bates says there still is time to get a flu shot...

"....they're still giving flu shots out at doctor's offices, pharmacies, we still have the flu shot here at the (Oneida Co.) health dept. You can call and set up an appointment and we can get you taken care of. It takes about two weeks to get the full effect from the flu shot. So the sooner you get it if you haven't got the better off you are...."

More than one-third of reported flu cases came in the last week. A majority of the patients admitted to a hospital involved residents of long-term care facilities over the age of 65.