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An unexpected and significant endowment was received by the Walter E. Olson Memorial Library in Eagle River from a former area resort owner and Eagle River resident who recently passed away.

Library President Laurie Stoegbauer indicated they received a letter from the administrator of the Alice Koller estate indicating the library was named in her wil. “This was a surprise and we will use the funds according to instructions in her will,” Stoegbauer said, revealing the conditions how the $174,000 can be used.


The death of a dog from acute water intoxication has prompted a call for pet owners to monitor their dogs near water. Denny Erardi is a board member of the Eagle River Chain of Lakes Association.

She says her best friend's dog died and tells us how it happened...

"....it means the dog has ingested too much water for the cells in its body to handle. It results in electrolyte depletion, primary sodium. With in a matter of hours it can result in cerebral edema and death..."

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The number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder has been going up over the years.

Locally, there is a center in the Northwoods that aims to help children on the autism spectrum by using something called behavioral treatment… and they’ve recently expanded to Rhinelander.

Mackenzie Martin has the story.

The space located in Rhinelander’s Riverview Hall looks like a typical preschool with toys and books scattered about. There are some things that help you realize it’s a space for kids on the autism spectrum, though.

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Have you ever felt like you’re talking to someone, but they just aren’t reading your body language?

The New York based dance company the Equus Projects will be performing “The Breaking Ring” at ArtStart in downtown Rhinelander this weekend and they’ve made a name for themselves by listening and responding to the way humans — and horses — move.


Caritas of Eagle River is an outreach center located at Saint Francis Episcopal Church, dedicated to helping those in need of financial help. Organizer for Caritas, Janon Furlong describes the services they offer.


“Well we help people with small amounts of money.. We have some pretty strict limits. It’s $50 a month and $150 in a year. There are no financial restrictions, no residency requirements. If you need help and we’re able to help you, we’re happy to do that.”










As the doors of Many Ways of Peace in downtown Eagle River closed this past week another door opened for founder Mary Jo Berner. Anna Catlin went to the closing ceremony last Tuesday and talked to both Mary Jo and many of her dedicated friends, and members of Many Ways of Peace.



Eagle River Approves BID Tax, Contracts

Dec 16, 2015
City of Eagle River

The final 2016 Eagle River budget approved Tuesday night by the city council will include for the eight year a special assessment in the downtown business improvement district of $0.95 per $1,000 of assessed value.

It is expected to raise $81,000 for the Main Street program. The city also will allow use of city hall space at no cost. While most properties in the city will see a tax rate of $8.37, up from $8.02, those in the business improvement district will have a tax rate of $9.32.


The state is conducting a public  meeting to discuss proposed improvements to US 45 between state Highway 70 and Chain O Lakes Road in Eagle River.

DOT officials want to discuss improving  and maintaining the deteriorating pavement. The project will also consider several safety issues identified between state Highway 70 and state Highway 17.
DOT Project Manager Jed Peters says improving the road way is one concern...

Klondike Days Prepares For Final Event

Mar 3, 2015
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An Eagle River event highlighting traditional ways of living through the winter is coming to an end.  Klondike Days will have its last hurrah this Saturday, March 7th. 

  Klondike Days President Terry Tryggeseth says it’s hard to point to any one factor that’s led to the end of Klondike Days on this its 25th anniversary.

“The event has, if you will, run its course. Participation by the public has weaned a little bit of the years. Of course having two years back-to-back of bitter, bitter cold didn’t help us by any means.”

Eagle River Okay's ATVs and UTVs On City Streets

Feb 17, 2015
Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

Eagle River businesses can soon look forward to their customers arriving by ATV and UTV. As WXPR's Emily Bright reports, the Eagle River town council has voted to allow ATVs and UTVs on nearly all city streets. 

Emily Bright

The World Championship Snowmobile Derby take places in Eagle River this weekend, with the vintage classes wrapping up last weekend.  WXPR’s Emily Bright takes a behind-the-scenes look at the camaraderie and competition of the international snowmobile races going on in our own backyard.

Robert Thigpen

Access for ATVs in Eagle River took a big step forward at last night’s city council meeting. City council voted to pursue plans for a north-south corridor for ATVs. The corridor would run from Tamarack to Railroad, then crosses to Sherburne, Adams, then Mill road. ATV-er Dick Decker says it’s about time.

Eagle River Will Accept ATV Route Proposals

Nov 14, 2014
Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

The debate over where All Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs, will be allowed to ride in Vilas County has sparked debates across the townships. Eagle River joined in the discussion last night. The city council will be accepting proposals for ATV routes downtown.

Last night’s city council meeting saw a lively discussion about whether and where to allow ATVs in Eagle River. Said city councilman Jerry Burkett,

ATVs are here. That doesn’t mean we can’t establish a corridor that works for everybody if we decide to do that.

Eagle River Considers ATVs Downtown

Oct 20, 2014
Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

Eagle River is looking into a plan to allow ATVs on some downtown streets.

Eagle River Mayor Jeff Hyslop says a committee is figuring out a proposal that would detail specific routes.

“At this point no decisions have been made except coming up with a plan for it, and at that point people will have something to vote on.” 

The town of Lincoln is also looking into allowing ATVs on town roads.  

Ownership of the Eagle River Library property should soon be transferred to the Town of Lincoln. That means plans to expand the library are getting closer to reality.