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Northwoods Transit Connections


The Oneida County Board this week heard from the new manager of Northwoods Transit Connections and he appreciates being close to home.

Roger Youngren has a long history of maritime shipping experience. He grew up in Kingsford, Michigan and received a degree from the United States Merchant Marine Academy. He had several executive jobs in the Marine Terminal Sector on the east coast. He also worked as a safety expert, and has a background in non-profits as well.

He says he's been riding on the buses of the service for Vilas and Oneida counties...

A western Wisconsin based non-profit is beginning service in the Northwoods and are looking for volunteer vehicle drivers to take people needing rides to local destinations.

The Center For Independent Living for Western Wisconsin recently expanded their services to cover many Northwoods counties.

Transportation Program Coordinator Bobbi Hegna says they need people to volunteer as drivers using their vehicles to give people who have difficulty getting to things like doctor appointments a way to get there....

Northwoods Transit Connections

There's a new manager for the public bus service in Vilas and Oneida counties.

The Oneida Vilas Transit Commission announced this week that Roger Youngren has been named as Transit Manager for Northwoods Transit Connections.

He succeeds Jim Altenburg, who served as manager for two years before resigning in February.

Youngren has more than 35 years of management experience in the transportation industry. Youngren is originally from Kingsford, Michigan and received a degree in Transportation Management from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Northwoods Transit Connections

The Northwoods Transit Connections will be debuting three new buses after getting approval for a loan and substantial contributions from local groups. Oneida and Vilas Counties Transit Commission chairperson Erv Teichmiller says they were approved for a short-term loan from People's Bank in Rhinelander...

"....all of the buses we have are old, have high mileage. For the most part over the course of their lifetime, from five to ten years have sat outside so they've suffered from the elements. They've also cost us a lot of expense in terms of repairs, breakdowns...."

Northwoods Transit Connections

The Oneida County Department on Aging has agreed short-term to help the Oneida County Transit Commission help keep the books balanced.

The Commision Thursday approved the contract. The bus service known as Northwoods Transit Connections has had some fiscal shortfalls in it's first year, many caused by lack of payment by federal and state governments and also some unexpected costs associated with growth.

Commission Chair Erv Teichmiller said the problem is akin to a person good in one area of a business, but not in another....

Northwoods Transit Connection

The green and white buses are being seen around the Northwoods more after a cash flow problem slowed transportation services for Northwoods Transit Connections. The service runs regular routes in Oneida and Vilas counties and their larger communities .

Transit Manager Jim Altenburg says they've received a much delayed check from the federal government through the state came through....

Vilas Co. Rejects "Bridge Loan" To Transit Commission

Sep 24, 2017

A request for a short term $150,000 “bridge loan” to the Oneida Vilas Transit Commission was rejected by the Vilas County finnance committee last week.


Waiting for promised money is causing a strain on bus service in Vilas and Oneida counties.

Northwoods Transit Connections Manager Jim Altenburg says the feds have not sent promised money to the state who then distributes the money to the local commission. Altenburg says of their $685,000 budget, half comes from federal coffers.

He says the paperwork was filed in late July for the funds and since then they've been waiting...

Northwoods Transit Connections

The Oneida County Board Tuesday heard the expanded bus service operating in the Northwoods is very popular and has grown quickly since being introduced last May.

The county board approved a $50,000 advance to the Oneida-Vilas Transit Commission to cover a short-term cash flow crunch, as explained by Supervisor Bob Mott...

" typical with state and federal government, sometimes monies don't come in on time. At certain times during the year were running a shortage of money for operating expenses to pay for drivers, gas, those types of things...."

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Northwoods Transit Connections is hosting a special bus ride Tuesday night around Rhinelander for Seniors and disabled people to see the holiday lights.

Transit Manager Jim Altenburg says so far they have about 50 riders and more are welcomed...

"....December 20, we are putting on a Christmas light tour. Our drivers are volunteering their time from 6-8 p.m. We're going to be taking Seniors and disabled folks on a short 15-20 minute ride around town to see some of the Christmas lights..."

The Vilas-Oneida Transit Commission is hosting more listening sessions soon as they put together an improved public transportation system for the two counties. The new transit system is known as Northwood Transit Connections.

Transit Manager Jim Altenburg says they've had three sessions to date...

The new Oneida and Vilas County Transit Manager says there's a route already running as the two counties work to provide bus transportation for residents.

Jim Altenburg recently began as Transit Manager, based out of Rhinelander. The two counties joined together to marshal state and federal funds to help citizens get to appointments, and shopping at an affordable price. Altenburg says the first route is a benefit to Rhinelander, and especially Minocqua area residents...

The newly formed Oneida-Vilas Transit Commission has named the top candidate to be their first Transit Manager.

An offer of employment has been extended to Jim Perez, who has 24 years of transit management experience in both rural and urban settings.

The Transit Manager is responsible for working with the Transit Commission, the community and key stakeholders to evaluate current transportation services, identify needs before developing any new services.

Forest county originally was part of the Commission but decide to bow out.

Starting next month there will be bus service operating between some Northwoods communities.

The Northwoods Transit Commission announced the start of two routes with Minocqua a hub between Rhinelander and Eagle River.

Oneida County Department on Aging Director Dianne Jacobson says this Transit Commission will be contracting with current providers to have routes....

The possibility of being able to get around in the Northwoods a bit easier  is moving forward.

Last week the Forest, Oneida and Vilas Counties Transit Commission elected officers. The three county boards agreed to form the commission with an eye toward making public transportation more available to rural residents.