A Less Processed Life

Dustin Bronson

Though often referred to as mud season, the transition from winter to spring also hearkens the arrival of sugaring season in the northwoods. Sugar maples trees—along with a variety of other tree species—are tapped when daytime temperatures rise above freezing and nighttime temperatures fall below freezing. During a good spring the sap may run for as much as a month, or until the daily freeze/thaw cycle ends, or buds burst and leaves begin to develop on the trees.

Susan Bronson

When the temperatures plummet below zero, there’s nothing I crave more than some good old-fashioned comfort food. Whether it’s a skillet full of macaroni and cheese, a steaming bowl of rich and thick chili, or a plate full of buttered noodles, if it’s warm and filling, I want to eat it for dinner.

Susan Bronson

The start of a new year is when many people vow to make dramatic changes to their diet. Well, January is almost over – how are your New Year’s resolutions holding up?

A Less Processed Life: Waffles And Vanilla Sauce

Dec 23, 2014
Susan Bronson

Today we debut a new series with food writer Susan Bronson.  She keeps a blog called A Less Processed Life, and each month she’ll be sharing recipes and stories from her Northwoods Kitchen.  In honor of the holidays, today Bronson shares one of her time-tested holiday traditions…that stars a 70-year-old kitchen appliance.