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Why Is the U.P. Part of Michigan?

Have you ever wondered how the Upper Peninsula of Michigan came to be… why it's a part of Michigan, and not Wisconsin? Gary Entz has the story for this week's A Northwoods Moment in History . The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is part of the same Great Lakes ecosystem that reigns over Wisconsin’s Northwoods, and a glance at any map is enough to see that the UP really is a land extension of Wisconsin. In contrast, there is a water boundary between the UP and Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and at no...

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The Library of Congress

Have you ever wondered how the Upper Peninsula of Michigan came to be… why it's a part of Michigan, and not Wisconsin?

Gary Entz has the story for this week's A Northwoods Moment in History.

Former Wisconsin Governors Republican Warren Knowles and Democrat Gaylord Nelson have their names on a fund that helps governments afford land purchases.

The legislature created the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program in 1989 to preserve valuable natural areas and wildlife habitat, protect water quality and fisheries, and expand opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The Oneida County Board passed a resolution Tuesday supporting the state keeping the fund.

Unemployment ticked up slightly in January in the Northwoods.

State Labor Market economist Mitchell Rupp in Wausau gives January’s numbers…

“Forest is at 6.3(percent), Langlade is at 4.7, Lincoln 4.0, Oneida 5.0, and Vilas, 5.1…”

A Rhinelander man faces a possible long prison term and six people in Forest county are facing a variety of charges after a large drug bust.

Wikimedia Commons Corey Coyle

The Oneida County Board will be forming a committee to look into the possibility of the county buying all or part of the Foster and Smith property that soon will be mostly vacated.

Petco announced recently it would be closing it's large facility on Rhinelander's far west side. Two small operations would remain, but the majority of the space would be vacant.

Supervisor Bob Mott and other recently toured the buildings. He says the amount of available space surprised him...

US Fish & Wildlife Services

A retired DNR biologist says the state should revisit the idea of paying hunters for each Chronic Wasting Disease positive deer they shoot.

Mike Foy says the "Pay For Positives" was the idea two decades ago of Alan Crossley, a co-worker of Foy's. Along with Whitetails Unlimited, they offered a $200 reward to a hunter for a positive deer.

But he says because at that time the number of positive deer was much smaller, it didn't work... sarahjohnson1

The state is out with a renewed campaign to bring awareness to smoking and the growing trend of e-cigarette use by minors.

The effort is called "Tobacco is Changing". Spencer Straub is state Tobacco Prevention Control Program. Straub says the effort focuses on educating adults about the many ways tobacco is offered to young people.

He says they've seen an uncomfortable growth in the use of e-cigarettes about youth... unravelledraven

You might be in line for a pay day you didn't know was coming.

The state Department of Revenue has sent out more than 20,000 unclaimed property checks worth more than $2 million to people who matched up with unclaimed property.

Additionally, the department sent 301 letters to potential claimants work more than $2,000 each. Department spokesperson Erin Egan says after a certain time period, businesses turn over dormant or unclaimed accounts.

She says a common one is an uncashed payroll check. Egan says there is more money available...

  • A group wants to work with a local police association to bring “Bully Benches” to Rhinelander schools
  • A ten-year state management plan for black bears is in the works
  • The Vilas County DNR Deer Advisory Council makes preliminary recommendations
  • CBD oil is appearing across the U.S. as a home-based treatment for several ailments

We all had to spring forward recently, a move that extends the afternoon daylight.

In this week’s Wildlife Matters, the Masked Biologist examines the impact of photoperiods on living things including us.



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