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Chuck Foley, Co-Creator Of Twister, Dies At 82

One of the men responsible for getting people tied up in knots while they played Twister has died.

Charles "Chuck" Foley died earlier this month in St. Paul, Minn. He was 82.

Foley and his business partner Neil Rabens invented the game for Milton Bradley in 1966. The pair originally called it Pretzel, and it was Milton Bradley who came up with the name Twister.

On All Things Considered on Thursday, hosts Robert Siegel and Audie Cornish gave instructions on how to play the game, and reminded listeners that it was responsible for some very "awkward" moments.

Twister is now manufactured by Hasbro Inc., and the company says it remains a top seller.

But if your Twister-playing days are behind you, Foley invented another product that doesn't require you to get down on the floor: un-du, a liquid adhesive remover.

Foley's son Mark, president of Un-Du Products, told All Things Considered that his father "enjoyed creating products and items."

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