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All Ducks Considered


We got happy news this week from Allen Baylus, an engineer who was working on some of the satellite dishes at NPR headquarters when, as he said, I almost stepped on a duck sitting on her eggs. She was well-camouflaged in this forest of chive flowers. She refused to leave her eggs when we were delicately walking around her - the true epitome of motherhood. Allen sent along photos of the devoted expectant mother who seemed to have pecked little specks of the bread that he gave her. Maybe she'll name her ducklings All Ducks Considered.

On Weekend Edition Sunday tomorrow with Lulu, advice your mother gave you that maybe made you just go, fine, whatever at the time but turned out to be absolutely, utterly right. Ask your smart speaker to play NPR or your station by name - OWSU, KSKA, KUAZ. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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