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Hopes For The Next 4 Years: Devoted Catholic Wants People To Do More Good


As a new president is inaugurated, we're hearing from people who were on this program during the past four years to find out what they hope for in the next four years.

STEVEN MELANCON: This is Steven Melancon from Las Vegas, Nev. I'm a Catholic by faith and financial services representative by occupation. Basically, I'm a life insurance salesman. I last spoke with NPR - seems like a lifetime ago, way back in February of 2020, when people of faith were asked to talk about the upcoming elections at that time. And my hopes for the next four years, when I think about it, really has to do with a hope that we would rediscover the value, importance and dignity of work. I'm seeing people out of work, but I'm also seeing people who are reevaluating their careers and how maybe fragile - like here in Vegas, you know, everybody's so dependent on the tourist economy - just rethinking what could they do that contributed more and wasn't so dependent on that. Pope Francis declared 2021 to be the year St. Joseph, and he did so, I think, to recognize the example of St. Joseph as a tender, loving, courageous father but equally St. Joseph as a patron saint of workers. And that's really my hope; so much comes from that.

KELLY: Steven Melancon of Las Vegas. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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