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[Un]Natural Selection

Wednesday at 9am
March 16 - April 27, 2022

Humans have shaped and manipulated the natural world like no other species on earth. Those alterations have helped the planet, hurt it and everything in between. But we’re slow to realize, often taking decades to figure out our impact.

Today, environmental agencies across the country spend much of their time and money responding to problems past generations have created and trying to foresee future challenges. We introduce foreign insects to control other foreign insects that are devastating plant life. We try to stop erosion on the Great Lakes, but our short-term fixes make long-term problems. We nearly killed off gray wolves and now consider hunting them again after the population has grown. We alter harvesting limits for deer, sturgeon, bear and moose. We manipulate fish genomes to “improve” them.

How do we know we’re fixing nature’s problems, not creating more?

In [Un]Natural Selection, a new season of Points North, we’ll examine our role as part of the ecosystem and explore the ethical line between mending our natural world and meddling with it.

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