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The Empty Pockets: Live From the White Pine

The Empty Pockets stopped by WXPR for a Live From the White Pine Session in June 2023.

Light flickers in even the darkest of spaces and smallest cracks. Similarly, The Empty Pockets ignite a bright flame of their own by harnessing a joyful friction between Americana, folk, and rock ‘n’ roll spiked with roots soul. The Chicago quartet—Josh Solomon [guitar, vocals], Erika Brett [keyboards, vocals], Nate Bellon [bass, vocals], and Adam Balasco [drums]—lean on an unspoken, yet airtight musical dialogue honed by countless miles on the road, performances alongside the likes of Kenny Loggins, a procession of fan favorite releases (including a #1 debut), and a wealth of memories together.

However, the musicians shine brighter than ever on their 2023 independent full-length LP, Gotta Find The Moon.

“Gotta Find The Moon means, ‘There’s no time, but today’,” explains Josh. “We can’t wait for the daylight in the morning. We have to find the light now in the darkness. The world is so messed up. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for someone else to fix it; we all have to do our little part.”

The Empty Pockets continue to pave a path of their own. They’ve honed their signature style across albums such as The Ten Cent Tour [2015], Voices [2017], Snow Day [2018], Tanglewoods [2019], and Live In Seattle [2019]. After bowing in the Top 10 of the Heatseekers Albums Chart and Americana/Folk Chart, they delivered their first #1 when Outside Spectrum toppled the Billboard Blues Albums Chart in 2022. Along the way, they not only backed the likes of Al Stewart, Gary Wright, and Simon Kirke (with whom they made a record with to boot), but they also appeared on PBS Soundstage with Loggins. During 2022, Pollstar touted them among its Top International Livestreamers. Touching down on multiple continents, they’ve supported comedy legend George Lopez, alternative phenomenon Portugal. The Man, and many more.

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