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Red Cross Offers Holiday Safety Tips

Houston Chronicle

A spokesperson for the American Red Cross is hoping this holiday week is a safe one for Northwoods residents.

Regional Disaster Services Director Lora Hainey says fireworks, grilling, beach safety and sun protection are key...

"...be careful with the fireworks. It's great if you could attend a public fireworks show put on by professionals. If you are using fireworks with your family, a reminder not to give fireworks to small children. Always follow the instructions on the packaging. Always keep water close by as a precaution..."


Hainey says a surprising number of people are hurt while using grills to cook food....


"....don't grill indoors...not in your house, not in your camper, not in your tent, or any enclosed area. Sometimes in my neighborhood I will see somebody grilling underneath their open garage door. Not a good idea to do that. There's a lot of heat those grills put off...."

At the beach, she says keep a constant eye on children, and make sure to use a life jacket for young children and inexperienced swimmers. She says broad-spectrum sun protection is essential. Avoid alcohol or caffiene in the sun and wear eye protection. More information is available at redcross.org

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