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Group Eyes Dog Park In Three Lakes


It took 10 years for Rhinelander to get a dog park, but a newly-formed group in Three Lakes hope they can build their own park much sooner.

In late August, interested persons met to see what interest there would be in having a dog park. Spokesperson Lionel Kliss of Three Lakes says they're working to find a suitable location, and to get the town board to agree to it. 

He says two sites were initially considered...

"...early on we got permission from the Three Lakes Sanitary District to use a parcel of land that they own on a road they call Epler Court. It's adjacent to the fire department and backs up to the Sanitary District property...."

Kliss said they looked at an area of Burnside Park where there are athletic fields and community garden. Kliss said they met with the Park Commission last week and the commission pointed the group toward the Epler Court property because the available space at Burnside Park was limited.

Kliss talks about the Epler property....

"...Epler has about two acres of highground then it drops off into a wetland area. The size of the park we would build there would be based on what restrictions we would have with the power line easement that goes through there. The area that's available is about two acres...."

Kliss says they've gotten 200 signatures on a petition to show the town board that interest is favorable.

Kliss says they will go to the Planning Commission to discuss their proposed location next, then go to the town board. He says the funding for park is likely to be through private donations. More information is available by emailing to threelakesdogpark@ gmail. com or Kliss says you can reach him at 715-891-4673.

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