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Riggs Earns Top Fundraiser Prize During Annual Run In St. Germain

ST. GERMAIN – Pam Riggs emerged as the top combined money raiser and speedster in the annual Bikini Run fundraiser held in conjunction with this past weekend’s St. Germain Radar Racers’ 15th annual Radar Run on Little St. Germain Lake.

The 27 contestants raised a total of $53,770 with the women in their bikinis making the snowmobile runs down a 660-foot snow track Saturday, said Amy Greenberg, assistant race director and director of fundraising. In the last 10 years, the bikini racers have raised just over $300,000 for three non-profit groups: St. Germain Fire Department, Plum lake Ambulance, and the Pink Ribbon Riders. The Pink Ribbon Riders out of Michigan has a patient assistance program that gives men or woman dealing with breast cancer a $500 gift card to help them out during this difficult time.

The contestants earned rankings by the amount of funds they raised through pledges, combined with their speed of their run down the track. Trophies were awarded to the three highest finishers in two categories: fastest speed, and fastest speed combined with total pledges raised. In the combined category, Riggs raised $15,180 and had a speed of 97 miles per hour. Close behind was Meghan Gaynor, who raised $12,312 and had a speed of 71 miles per hour. Karen Ives-Gray held third place with $4,500 in pledges and a speed of 68 miles per hour. Melissa Goldbeck recorded the top speed of 102 miles per hour. Riggs had the second fastest speed at 97 miles per hour. Lainee Klopack clocked 91 miles per hour to take third.

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