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Injured Solarus Worker Transferred To Denver As Recovery Continues

Amy Ortner/GoFundMe

DENVER, CO (WSAU) -- An electrical worker seriously injured while helping to restore utilities in Wisconsin Rapids has been transferred to a spinal facility in Denver.

According to an update posted on the family's GoFundMe site, Brian Ortner landed in Denver on Thursday where he will continue to rehab from spinal surgery. Ortner was struck by a tree limb while cleaning up after storms knocked out power to much of Wisconsin Rapids in late July. He has spent the last few days in Marshfield, where he underwent a risky procedure to stabilize his spine.

His wife Amy says they are being realistic yet keeping hope that Brian will be able to walk again. Amy says her family has found comfort in of all places the classic 90's slapstick comedy Dumb and Dumber, in which Jim Carey delivers the famous line "... So you're saying there's a chance." "...Lloyd is hitting on this girl and he asks her what are his chances and she says about 1 in a million.....and he goes so you're saying there's a chance! That has kind of been a running joke in our marriage and now a running joke/hope as we embark on this new adventure," said Amy.

She goes on to say the movie has always been one of Brian's favorites. The family blew by their initial goal of raising $50,000 to help cover Brian's medical expenses in the first days of the fundraiser. As of Thursday afternoon, over 1,500 people have donated $104,000. their goal is currently $150,000.

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