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New Position At Lakeland Schools To Help Tribal Youth

Lakeland Union High School

The school boards at Lakeland Union High School and Lac du Flambeau Elementary School have agreed to share costs of a new position whose duties will be to help Native American students succeed at the high school level and beyond.

The cost sharing of the high school transition coordinator will be on a 20/80 basis, with the high school district picking up $23,380 of the salary and benefit package totaling $116,903. 

The Lac du Flambeau district will cover $93,523 of the cost. Filling that position is Amanda Griggs. At one time she was the alternative education coordinator at LUHS, working with the school’s virtual academy and with at-risk students.

While she will work with all grade levels at LdF, the emphasis will be on middle school grades (6th-8th). The goal is to help close the “achievement gap” between minority students and their fellow classmates, said LUHS District Administrator Rob Way. Among her duties will be to improve school attendance, coordinate services between the two schools, promote communication between the schools and communities, track successes and concerns of students, and coordinate “enrichment experiences” such as speakers and field trips.

The emphasis on helping tribal youth has paid off in recent years, with the high school graduation rate of Native American students at record highs. Way said Griggs will be working with Frederick (Fred) Maulson, who is the Indian education mentor at the high school. While the LUHS board’s approval was unanimous Monday, the salary level did raise a concern by board member Barb Peck. “At a principal’s salary?” she asked. Way said Griggs is an employee of the LdF school district, and as such that school board had set her salary. Way explained that federal grants would cover about half of the high school’s share.

The contract for the shared position is for one year and must be approved in writing if it’s renewed.

The hire was one of several approved that night. Others include Ann Pickart, English teacher, $47,000; Margaret Fisher, paraprofessional, $16.39/hr.; Brittany Hazzard, paraprofessional-LSSA, $16.39/hr.; Barb Bronk, special education paraprofessional, $16.39/hr.; Stacey Pearce, special education paraprofessional, $16.39/hr. Also, Preston Hofmann, maintenance worker II, $20.87/hr.; Roni Chiolino, part-time food service, $12.81/hr.; Leah Trojan, prom coordinator, $393; Randy Quade, head baseball coach, $3,800; Gary Suter, assistant boys hockey coach, $2,660; and a number of repeat coaches for the fall sports.

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