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Crandon Raceway To See Kid Rock, Championship Racing

Wikimedia Commons Royal Broil

CRANDON - The Crandon International Raceway turned 50 this year. Concert promoter Marty Fiolka wanted to celebrate with a huge concert. "We wanted to go big. We went big," said Fiolka. "We got an opportunity to get Kid Rock here."

Fiolka thought for a big act like Kid Rock, he needed a bigger stage. "The fans are going to have a full experience," said Fiolka. "Laser, pyro, just like they'd have at any stadium show and we brought that here to Crandon." But Fiolka and others from the raceway only had five weeks to plan everything for the concert. The raceway gave more than $50,000 to the community last year. Staff members asked for immediate volunteer help in return. Blackwell Job Corps in Laona answered the call and are helping build the concert venue.

For workers like Marty Fiolka, it's a unique opportunity. "The raceway has only survived for fifty years because we have so much community interaction and help from the community," said Christensen. "Well we basically translated that model into the concert." Blackwell Job Corps in Laona answered the call and helped build the concert venue. For workers like Alexis Christensen, it's a unique opportunity. "It's definitely different," said Christensen. "I've never done anything like this before." Christensen said she's happy to help out the concert even in Thursday's on and off rain. "We've been working through it," said Christensen. "Going to make sure we get this stuff done for everyone and make sure that the concert goes on."

High schoolers from Crandon volunteered Wednesday. Members from the American Legion and Boy Scouts stepped up as well. Fiolka is thankful for everyone helping make his dream a reality. "You're never probably going to have this at Crandon again," said Fiolka. "We encourage everyone to come and just celebrate 50 years. Imagine bringing a big name act like that to a little town like Crandon, Wisconsin. We're really proud and we want everyone to show up and have a great time with us."

Opening acts will start at six and Kid Rock will come on stage around nine. Also, with a ticket you'll be able to see all the races going throughout the day.