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The Need Is Great For Salvation Army Bell Ringers: Official


Christmas day is closing in fast, and the Salvation Army in the region needs a lot of help and soon to reach it's goal.

A report indicates as of Saturday, the Minocqua Salvation Army has raised $14,000. The goal for this season is $40,000. The Rhinelander Salvation Army has raised $17,000. The goal for this season is $55,000.

Amanda Jahn is a service representative for Salvation Army. She says the calendar didn't help fundraising this year with Thanksgiving later than other years...

" It being a shorter time frame. We lose about two weeks of bell-ringing that we normally have. It's been hitting us pretty hard..."

Jahn says 86 cents of every dollar raised stays in the region to help people who are in bad financial condition...

"...It's going to a good cause and homelessness here is very hard. With the weather and job-wise. Every cent counts. It's a change in someone else's life..."

Jahn says there's still time to sign up for shifts, regardless of what community you live in or near. Bell Ringing concludes on Christmas Eve, and there's many shifts open at all locations. Shifts are 90 minutes, and open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. She says businesses can help out with ringing or donations.

The online registration is available at registertoring.com

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