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The Snowman Returns To Minocqua! All 30 Feet Of Him

Dean S. Acheson photo

The snow came early and so did an attraction for Minocqua area residents and visitors.

With the help of volunteers and some local businesses, the giant snowman known as Snowmy Kromer has been built in front of the Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center on U.S. 51.

Executive Director Krystal Westfahl tells us about Minocqua's latest addition...

"...He is 30 feet tall and he has a size 96 Stormy Kromer hat that sits on his head. it's one of two in the entire world. The other one that big is in Alaska. It was built specifically for this snowman from the factory. So we have an authentic Stormy Kromer hat we put on his head...."

Westfahl says they weren't able to build him last year until the big February dump of snow. But with 30 inches of snow this season, and with the availability of Schrom Excavating of Minocqua to pile it up, the Snowman became a reality nearly two months early. They routinely plan to build him around Valentines day.

She says snowmy is quite an attraction...

"...Feel free to come over and take a picture. We will have lights on him this year because it is Christmas time so we're going to light him up. We're going to have a fun couple of months to enjoy him in all his glory. We're just really excited to have him this early in the year..."

She says this week they will be putting the finishing touches on him.