Become a Member!

Members enjoying WXPR's 30th Anniversary event
Credit Peg Arnold



Listener contributions are our largest source of funding.  There are many membership levels and benefits to choose from when you join.  To become a member, simply DONATE on our secure webpage or contact Membership Director, Becky Tegen 715-362-6000. 

Day Sponsorship

When you donate $180 or more to WXPR you can become a day sponsor. As a day sponsor, you receive 10 personalized on-air announcements on a day you select.  You can use these announcements to honor birthdays, anniversaries, any number of special events, or to encourage others to support the programming you love on WXPR.  It's very easy to do, and select the Day Sponsor gift level.  A Day Sponsor Form will be mailed to you. For questions about Day Sponsorships contact Marketing Manager, Jessie Dick 715-362-6000.

Matching Gifts

Do you want your gift to WXPR to go even further? Please check with your human resource office to see if your employer matches gifts to not-for-profit organizations like WXPR. All you have to do is get a matching gift form from your human resource office and send the completed form to WXPR along with your membership. For questions about Matching Gifts contact Membership Director, Becky Tegen 715-362-6000.