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Farm safety study raises some concerns

WAOW Television

A startling report has been released for farm safety.

Studies show a child dies on a farm once every three days and there are 33 injuries per day in the United States.

Youth under the age of 16 are also 12 times more likely to risk an ATV/UTV injury than adults.

"What we're seeing is alarming enough," said Pittsville Fire Chief Jerry Minor.

"More (kids) are growing up there, more of them are playing on the farm, there are not a lot of safe areas to play on the farm, and kids are operating pieces of equipment that they shouldn't be operating," said Minor.

One of the reports authors, Dr. Marsha Salzwedel, has had her own personal experience with farm tragedies.

"We had these incidents while I was growing up. I had a cousin who had his arm caught in a hay bailer, and I had a littler brother that was run over by a hay wagon. We had these types of incidents when I was younger and I thought we were just unlucky," said Salzwedel.

She also mentioned if her brother wasn't near the equipment, and her cousin was properly trained, both accident's could've been prevented.

You can find the study and tips for worker safety in the links embedded.

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