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Natural Gas Prices Fall In Time For Peak Heating Season


Gasoline prices aren’t the only ones falling. Natural gas prices are also dropping.

Residential rates are about thirty percent lower this January than they were last year.

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Leah Van Zile says it depends on how much you use, but you’ll likely see a lower bill. 

“The natural gas prices this year have been starting off at some relatively low prices. For example last winter, last January the price per therm for natural gas for our customers was around 84 cents per therm. This January we’re looking at around 56 cents per therm.”

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Leah Van Zile says the lower rates are coming at a time of year when customers tend to be paying the most. 

“What we typically have seen is that the February bills are typically the highest natural gas bills, because it reflects most of the January usage. And then we’ll see the bills for natural gas tend to start declining at that point because the temperatures are getting warmer.”

The last time Wisconsin’s natural gas rates were this low in January was the year 2000. 

Meanwhile propane prices have been holding relatively steady at around a dollar and eighty cents per gallon. 

Last January propane started off at over two dollars a gallon, and spiked to an average of about 4.50 statewide. 

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