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Supply Plentiful But Natural Gas Price Going Up


This coming winter is predicted to be a bit colder than the past two and an energy spokesperson says natural gas prices are expected to be a bit higher.

Bruce McDowell is a spokesperson for the American Gas Association, a trade organization representing 200 natural gas supply companies.

He thinks the price will rise this year about five percent...

"...if you look at the weather we've had the past four years, the fourth year is the 'Polar Vortex' which is very, vey cold. We've had another year closer to normal...it's basically the temperature and the demand that causes the price to fluctuate...."

McDowell says supplies should be good....

"...our storage facilities are still accepting gas to be used in the colder months. We have a plentiful supply in storage for that. We also have ample production. In fact, we are now to the point where we are exporting some gas...."

Even with possible increases in consumption this winter, McDowell says lower cost natural gas means that many Americans on average may see one of the lowest bills they’ve seen in the past decade.

He says utilities work all year to prepare for the possibility of extreme temperatures and employ a portfolio approach to help ensure they can meet the needs of their customers at affordable prices on the coldest days of the year.

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