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Gas Prices Rising, Likely Even Higher By Memorial Day

Wikimedia Commons Anthony Inswasty

As you drive past the gas stations in the Northwoods, you'll notice the price of gas is up from a week ago. It might go higher at least until Memorial Day. Senior Petroleum Analyst for the website gasbuddy.com, Patrick DeHaan says the refinery fire in Superior recently didn't have anything to do with rising pump prices...

"....It really hasn't. Gas prices have continued to move up nationally about two cents a gallon, in Wisconsin about three cents a gallon to $2.69 statewide average..."

DeHaan says the price rise is squarely on the international price of oil...

"....Generally speaking, it has to do with the rise in the price of oil. Retail gas prices had some catching up to do due to the jump in the price of oil, and and gas prices continue to catch up to that(oil price) rise..(Krall) 'You're thinking it's going to keep inching up this month?.."(DeHaan) I think that is possible as we continue to see more increases, smaller perhaps, over the next couple of weeks before prices peak perhaps around Memorial Day...."

DeHaan says gasbuddy.com  did reseach on the best days and times to buy gas in a given week...

"...Across Wisconsin, the best day of the week, Monday. The most expensive day is Friday. You combine that with the best time of the day to fill up, based on how busy a gas station is, Sunday and Monday are the least busy. All in all, gas stations tend to be more open, or less busy, on Sunday and Monday, so that's the best time of the week to buy...."

Nationally, over the past 18 months, gas prices have gone from an average of $2.11 per gallon to $2.83 today.

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