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Airport Director Says Busy Travel Week Can Be Made Easier


Though the Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport isn't O'Hare in Chicago or Heartsfield in Atlanta, an official says it still is busy this week and you can help speed passage to your flight.

Matthew Leitner is Airport Director in Rhinelander. He says get there in plenty of time.. 

"...The most important thing is to arrive about one hour and fifteen minutes in advance. Often there is a misperception about an airport such as Rhinelander in that you could come five minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart and there won't be a problem. That's patently false unfortunately. You have to do all the things you would do at a major airport even though we don't have the congestion of a major airport...."

He says Transporation Security Administration rules are specific regarding what you can take...

 "...We have TSA pre-check here in Rhinelander which is a great amenity so we have expedited screeing. With a 50 passenger regional jet they key is the lines are never too long. With regards to aerosols, gels, and lquids, the TSA has what they call the 3-1-1 rule. A three-ounce container that fits in a one-quart resealable bag and one bag per passenger. If it doesn't conform to theose rules, the property will be confiscated at the TSA counter..."

Leitner says they've enjoyed the best months with Delta Airlines in Rhinelander in August, September and October. He says they've been busier than they have been in seven years.

He says Rhinelander offers the needed amenities, but without the congestion of a major hub. The TSA expects to screen up to 2.6 million people per day leading up to the holiday, and 2.7 million people the Sunday after. That would mean a 25 percent increase from the TSA's usual daily numbers.

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