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Latest Scam: Your Netflix Account

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The popular online streaming service Netflix has seen a round of what's called 'phishing' emails going to customers to try to get more account information.

Wisconsin Division of Consumer Affairs Director Michelle Reinen describes how it has happened...

"..The Federal Trade Commission(FTC) is reporting that scammers are using fake Netflix emails to steal personal information. Consumers will receive and email that looks like it is from Netflix and claim the user's account is on hold because there's some trouble with current billing information. Then they ask users to click on a link within that email to update their billing information..."

Clicking that link, says Reinen, leads to much trouble. She says the unsolicited emails are often the root of the problem...

"..Never respond to that email and use the links within it. If you question the legitimacy of an email go directly to the company by logging into your account using your normal method and checking your payment information to make sure it is up to date. But never share your information by clicking on links within that email..."

She says often the phony email has bad grammar and spelling. In one email, the scammer misspelled the word 'center' and began the greeting with 'Hi, dear".

More information is available through the state Division of Consumer Protection or the Federal Trade Commission websites

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