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First Summer Midday Flight To ROCA Nearly Full: Leitner

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An extra option is available beginning today at the Rhinelander Oneida County Airport.

Airport Director Matthew Leitner details the third daily flight, mid-day, from Delta Airlines...

"...Our midday flight arrives today(6-14-19) at about 11:10 and makes a quick turnaround departing to Minneapolis at 11:40 a.m. It's coming in full today, last I checked 48 of the 50 seats are taken from Minneapolis. One of the issues is the demand for rental cars is so high we have to find additional parking. So far, so great when it comes to the third flight. It's well positioned to be a resounding success and we're committed to making it so. We're determined to build on this. We're so grateful for Delta's cooperation and help..."

Leitner says the extra daily flight will end on August 30, but he hopes the flight is a success and Delta will consider extending the mid-day flight schedule.

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