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Holidays Are Nearly Here And Scammers Are Gearing Up

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State consumer protection folks are gearing up their messages to be on the look out for scams during the holidays just as the scammers are ramping up their pursuits.

Michelle Reinen is the Director of the state Bureau of Consumer Protection. She says consumers should be alert for modern electronic scams and for problems at the checkout....

"...Scams come in with all the quick texts and emails and too good to be true offers from the imposters that are out there. But the checkout line is really something the consumers can control by paying attention to ads and all the online shopping needs that they have..."

Reinen says now is a good time to make sure your electronic devices are updated and the latest anti-virus software is ready. She says the scammers are very good at what they do...

"...Be on the watch for fake e-commerce sites, be sure you're not at an imposter site. That you haven't clicked on a 'too good to be true' offer on a social media site or an email and you're misdirected to not the real Target or Walmart but the imposter that the scam artist wants you to fall for, or even 'too good to be true' clothing and jewelry ads..."

She says be sure to check to see if you're at a secure site when you're transmitting your data, like credit card numbers. She says another scam they see is a flood of emails from what appears to be shipping companies to confirm your shipment. Click on a link to verify and you've opened the door to a scammer to load malicious software on your computer or have your financial information compromised. She says hover over a link to be sure it's where you want to go.

Reinen says if there's a delay in your order, it will come from the company where you purchased the product, not the shipping company. We have a link here to state consumer protection.

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